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Rising Damp Sydney

Rising Damp Sydney
Cocoon Salt Removal
Masonry Salt Testing
Chemical Damp Course Injection​

Rising Damp Sydney
Cocoon Salt Removal
Masonry Salt Testing
Chemical Damp Course Injection

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Rising Damp Solutions

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We use more rising damp proofing product than our competition.

The Rising Damp Specialists Sydney. unbiased & experienced advice to help solve your rising damp problems.


Residential Rising Damp

You don’t have a house, you have a home. 

When we come to your home, we fix it as we would fix our own and we won’t try and sell you anything you don’t need.

Avoid Confusion and wasting thousands of dollars by getting an experts eye to look over the rising damp issues in your house.

Pre-Purchase Rising Damp Inspections – Sydney

Don’t buy a lemon!

Rising damp can be hidden and sometimes building inspectors overlook it. It can be very expensive to fix and it does catch some home buyers off guard.

We have expert eyes and diagnostic tools to enable us to see what you can’t see and what building inspectors sometimes miss!

We do charge a fee for pre-purchase rising damp inspections but at least you’ll have peace of mind and know how much it will cost to fix before you commit to buying.

$350 inc GST

Commercial Rising Damp (Builders)

Call now and get a Straight up, no-bull quote. 

If you’re in Sydney, We can advise you not only on rising damp but many other waterproofing issues. We are experts at stopping water and we can tell you exactly what you need to do to limit your liability during a build when it comes to water ingress.

More than 67 building companies in sydney and NSW have us as the ace up their sleeve when it comes to fixing rising damp and water issues.

We are not your average waterproofers. 

We will explain water and dampness to you in a way you never imagined and give you the best strategy so you never get a call back about water or dampness after handover.


The Rising Damp Specialists have a reputation for tackling the hardest of rising damp issues and stopping dampness to make a building usable. 

If you have a rising damp issue that no one can fix then please give us a call. 

Rising damp proofing generally isn’t a subject that people know a lot about.

We have injected over 112,000 litres of rising damp injection across sydney and waterproofed over 460 basements, some easy and some very difficult.

our website contains a lot of educational information about rising damp

take your time to read through our website and learn as much as you can about rising damp proofing.

even if you don’t choose us or you don’t take any action, you will get valuable “insider” specialist knowledge from this website so you can make clearer decisions when it comes to rising damp proofing solutions.

Rising damp proofing solutions to stop your problem!


When you call the first thing you will notice is how we approach your job. 

We start from the symptom and work our way backwards to pinpoint HOW your damp problem is occurring, because not all rising damp is actually rising damp!


We ask a lot of questions. When you go to the doctor they will ask a series of questions about your issue. What they are doing is gathering information and using a process of elimination to determine exactly what your problem is and the best solution. 

The Rising Damp Specialists use the same method. Often it is good to know what something is NOT in order to know exactly what it IS!


Our philosophy for providing Sydney’s rising damp proofing solutions is that “We never want see our clients again”. Unless of course you get another house with the same problem!!!

What we do takes a lot of practice and skill.

After we have your fixed rising damp you should be able to forget about it forever and move on with your life.


To be completely honest. We use THE BEST rising damp system in the world


We don’t use the best system to impress people. We actually use the best system because it works the best. 

We give a 20 year warranty for our rising damp solution and if it doesn’t work, we have to come back and fix it (and that costs money). 

We use the best rising damp system in the world because it limits our liability. 

We ONLY use the most amazing rising damp products we can find. Because we protect ourselves from any of our work failing, you also get THE BEST products and the most thorough workmanship.


We look after our customers. 

There are fancier ways to say it… but in the end, if you have an issue then call us and we’ll be there for you

We’re good at looking after people. 

We do everything we can to help you feel comfortable, we never push you to get a sale, we never use fear to sell (unless you have a problem that IS actually urgent) and best of all, if we come for a quote and you don’t have a problem, we’ll tell you. 

Integrity is better for the long term stability of The Rising Damp Specialists and being a stable business makes life easier for everyone.

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