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About Us.

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About Us

Hi, My name is Jason and this is my company. 

jason car

I’ve been in the building industry for 27 years. 

Now 6 years in the waterproofing industry I have become one of the go-to waterproofers in Sydney for some big building companies to solve complex underground water problems.

Because of my broad experience across multiple trades, my natural ability as a creative problem solver and my ego which likes a challenge, I have unique insight into how to tackle and overcome almost any water problem that gets thrown at me. 

I have a huge amount of building knowledge, I am very good at what I do and I’m proud of it!

I will personally be the one who will quote your rising damp job so give me a call now. 

With Kind Regards

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Our Team

While I may be the one who comes up with the solutions for the waterproofing and rising damp issues that we encounter, my team are the ones who execute the plan and make it happen. 

My team are highly trained waterproofers and have dealt with some of the MOST difficult waterproofing issues you can imagine. If you’d like to know what kind of things we have fixed then when I do your quote you can ask about a few stories from some crazy jobs. 

I insist on my team being POLITE and CLEAN and REALLY look after our customers. My boys are VERY proud of what they do.

Having a stable team is very important to me because it means I have a stable business. A stable business means quality, predictable and warrantable outcomes. 

My team are some of the very best trained waterproofers in Sydney and they are like that because of the difficulty of some of the jobs we tackle. 

Give us a call about your rising damp problem today!

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